Working on the New Store Locations

We are interested in expansion, but we have to work through some problems with the existing buildings. At the moment I thinking that I may have to spring for some roof repair in Queens. The location there was older than the rest and it was not built precisely to the building codes it does not seem. At least the building inspector that I talked to about this subject seemed think that we could get in to real trouble with the city. Of course a little gets past those guys. They do not have the means to be every place at all times, the city building inspectors have tens of thousands of buildings that they have to look at and some of them take up a whole lot of time. Of course if you inspected a skyscraper that might take a little bit of time, especially if you did a thorough job of it. You obviously could spend a whole lot of time looking over a 30 story building.

However I have to think about my own problems and we are trying to figure out how to get a cheap roof system put on that old building. In fact we are sort of wondering if it might not be easier for us to just start all over some place else. Of course that has a few advantaged. The original building is less than optimal for the purpose for which we are using it. It would obviously be better if you got a building and built it to your own specifications. That would give you exactly what you needed and nothing which just sufficed like what we have no. The question is whether or not that makes sense as a financial decision and you have to figure out what the math says.

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