Working on a Summer Job

It is certainly not what I would have dreamt of if I had been given my choice of a summer job. I was really hoping that I would be able to find the sort of job where there were lots of girls, in fact I started looking at jobs near Rockaway Beach and places like that. Instead I am working at a tree service in long island, although they do not let me climb up trees with a chainsaw. It is pretty difficult to do that and I am not really looking for the job either. Instead I am down on the ground and I do my best to make sure that nothing falls on my head. It is pretty simple really. The guys with the chainsaws make a really big mess and they need to have a person who is going to clean up after them. Of course they have enough to do and the guy who hires us expects us to leave the place looking as tidy as possible.

In fact some of the time you do not pick up the limbs and such, instead we pile them up under a tree. That is pretty obvious when you have seen what happens when a big chunk of wood falls from the top of a tree. In fact a piece of firewood falling thirty feet is going to leave a great big dent in anything that it hits. If you are silly enough to get it in the way, then there is a fair chance that you go down and you do not get back up. If it hits the ground, then it is going to leave a big dent in the ground, so you want to have it land on something that you do not really care much about.

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