I Love Everything About Fashion

Business document designs by Shanelle Roberts at Coroflot.comFashion is my world. I am still pretty young, but I know that I am going to make my mark in the world one day. I have been sketching my own designs for years, and I actually started making some of my designs to wear. The proudest moment in my life came when a fashion buyer at the clothing store I work at asked me about the designer of my outfit. When I told her it was me, she was beyond impressed. She took my contact information and promised to stay in touch with me, as she wanted to make sure that I didn’t waste my talent.

She also told me to visit a fashion website that she is a huge fan of. When I got off work that night, it was the first thing I did, and I was hooked instantly. I finally found someone else who follows her own path instead of conforming to society’s wishes. I looked at so many of the original designs, and knew that I was going to be a regular visitor to the website. I actually learned quite a bit about design because of all of the different virtual designs I was now privy to.

Looking at that site gave me a confidence that I didn’t even realize I was lacking. I knew that I wanted to be on the cutting edge of fashion, and I would have to start going for my dreams. Seeing the success that this designer was having with her own original designs gave me the confidence to think in areas I had never even considered before. I know designers come and go, but the rare one does stick around because they offer something no one else does. That is exactly how this designer is going to be, and I hope to follow in her footsteps too!

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