I Cannot Believe I Had Bed Bugs

A few weeks ago, I did not know anything about bed bugs. I wish I could say the same is true today, but I have had a complete education concerning them. It started when my son came home from a friend’s sleepover party. It was an entire weekend, which gave the bed bugs plenty of time to get into his overnight bag. He started scratching even before coming home, but it got a lot worse. When I found out it was bed bugs, I knew that I had to find a company that does bed bug removal in NYC.

I wanted to find a company that has experience in removing bed bugs, because I had never really seen this advertised much. I did not want a company that would use methods used on other insects and bugs. That is why I took my time in looking at a few different extermination companies in the city. When I came across one that had a very comprehensive explanation of what bed bugs are and how they take care of them, I knew that it was the company that I wanted to come to my house and rid it of the bed bugs we suddenly had.

I was able to get someone out there the same day that I called, which earned them major brownie points with me. I was really impressed with the way they tackled the problem. I knew from reading their website that they have been handling bed bugs for many decades, giving them an upper hand when they re-emerged as strongly as they have. They did a steam treatment combined with a chemical spray, and it did not take long at all for them to have all the areas treated. They even came back for a follow up visit, and I am so glad that they did not find any new evidence of bed bugs then!

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