Best Limo Rentals for a Special Occasion

I have been dating my current girlfriend for close to three years, and I am thinking about popping the question in the near future. I am not sure if she is ready for this sort of commitment though, and that is why I am fairly nervous about doing so. I have been browsing a site,, for the past 10 minutes or so, but I am not really sure how long it has been, as I kind of lost track of time. I have been trying to think of ways to make the night perfect, in order to increase the odds that she will say yes to my question.

I guess that my best idea, is to take her out for a nice dinner, at a fancy dinner, and to really make it a special occasion, I would like to use a limo for the night. I have never been on a limo before, so I think it would make it special for the both of us. I do not know what would make the night much more romantic than doing something like this, and frankly, it is by far the best idea that I have came up with so far. I am pretty attached to the idea, and I am going to try to pull it off, but I do not know exactly how much it is going to cost to rent a limo, and that could pose a bit of a problem for me.

I already placed a reservation at the restaurant where I want to take her, because it is a really nice place, and it tends to fill up far in advance. I want to take her there regardless of whether I can get the limo, but I am going to look over my finances thoroughly, and see if I can rent the limo as well.

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