A New Start for the Two of Us

When my wife died, it was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. It wasn’t any easier on our 14 year old daughter, who missed her mom more than she ever thought possible. We tried staying at our house, but the memories there haunted us. We knew that we needed to find a smaller place for the two of us if we were going to begin to heal. We decided to look at luxury apartments in Lewisville TX since neither of us were interested in having a big yard or more rooms to collect dust.

I wanted my daughter to feel comfortable, so I let her be a major part of finding our new home. She is the one who found Toscana Valley Ridge, and it was amazing to watch her get excited over something for the first time in nearly 18 months, which was how long it’s been since her mother went to Heaven. When she showed me a diagram of how the apartment is laid out, I really liked it too. It has a large living room, and an island bar connecting it to the kitchen. There is even a small laundry room off of the kitchen.

There is a large patio off the living room with a storage spot, plus there is a large closet right at the front door of the apartment. That left the two bedrooms and two bathrooms. My daughter thought I would take the master bedroom, but I wanted her to have it. It has an attached bathroom, plus a walk in closet. I knew she would appreciate those two things a lot more than I would, and seeing her smile let me know i made the right decision. We will never completely heal, but it feels much better living in a new place that is not haunted with so many sad memories.

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